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This page provides access to my unpublished working papers, drafts, and preprints. Data used or produced in some papers can be downloaded from the datasite. If you want an offprint or preprint of a paper that has been accepted for publication or published please e-mail me. You can also visit my homepage on IDEAS or EconPapers.

Downloadable Working Papers

Meta-Granger Causality Testing
June 2015. With Stephan Bruns.

Research Assessment Using Early Citation Information
April 2015. With Stephan Bruns.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the Short Run: The Rate and Sources of Economic Growth Matter
April 2015. With Paul Burke and Md Shahiduzzaman. Published in Global Environmental Change.

Drivers of Industrial and Non-Industrial Greenhouse Gas Emissions
March 2015. With Luis Sanchez.

Global Energy Use: Decoupling or Convergence?
December 2014. With Zsuzsanna Csereklyei. To be published in Energy Economics. Blogpost.

Energy and Economic Growth: The Stylized Facts
November 2014. With Zsuzsanna Csereklyei and Mar Rubio. To be published in the Energy Journal.

High-Ranked Social Science Journal Articles Can Be Identified from Early Citation Information
June 2014. Published in PLoS ONE.

The Environmental Kuznets Curve: A Primer
June 2014. Published in Elsevier Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences.

Modeling the Emissions-Income Relationship Using Long-run Growth Rates
May 2014. With Zeba Anjum, Paul Burke, and Reyer Gerlagh.

Substitutability and the Cost of Climate Mitigation Policy
March 2014. With Yingying Lu. To be published in Environmental and Resource Economics.

The Economics of Global Climate Change: A Historical Literature Review
November 2013. With Frank Jotzo and Leo Dobes. Published in Review of Economics.

Economic Growth and the Transition from Traditional to Modern Energy in Sweden
September 2013. With Astrid Kander. Published in Energy Economics.

Is There Really Granger Causality between Energy Use and Output?
March 2013. With Stephan Bruns and Christian Gross. Published in the Energy Journal.

Casuality between Energy and Output in the Long-Run
January 2013. With Kerstin Enflo. Published in Energy Economics.

Uncertainty Measures for Economics Journal Impact Factors
January 2013. Published in the Journal of Economic Literature.

Fuel Choices in Rural Maharashtra
September 2012. With Jack Gregory. Published in Biomass & Bioenergy.

Ecological Economics
April 2012. Published in Encyclopedia of Environmetrics, 2nd Edition, Wiley.

From Correlation to Granger Causality
November 2011. Paper presented at the AIJOS Capstone Conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI, 29-30 September 2011.

Where in the World is it Cheapest to Cut Carbon Emissions? Ranking Countries by Total and Marginal Cost of Abatement
August 2011. With Jack Pezzey and Ross Lambie. Published in the Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

The Role of Energy in the Industrial Revolution and Modern Economic Growth
January 2011. With Astrid Kander. Published in the Energy Journal.

The Role of Energy in Economic Growth
October 2010. Published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Where is it Cheapest to Cut Carbon Emissions?
June 2010. With Ross Lambie.

Between Estimates of the Environmental Kuznets Curve.
April 2010. Published in Ecological Economics.

Modeling International Trends in Energy Efficiency and Carbon Emissions.
March 2010. The final report for my EERH project. Shortened version published in Energy Economics.

How Ambitious are China and India's Emissions Intensity Targets?
March 2010. With Frank Jotzo. Published in Energy Policy.

News Media as a Channel of Environmental Information Disclosure:Evidence from an EGARCH Approach
December 2009. With Ran Zhang and Ken Simons.

Energy Quality
August 2009. Published in Ecological Economics.

Interfuel Substitution: A Meta-Analysis
June 2009. Other versions: Working Papers in Trade and Development as 2009-06 and EERH Research Reports as 09-33. Published in Journal of Economic Surveys.

Modelling the Global Diffusion of Energy Efficiency and Low Carbon Technology
January 2009. The paper is an overview of the research I carried out in the Environmental Economics Research Hub. SSRN Link

Elasticities of Substitution and Complementarity
December 2008. The data and RATS program used in the paper are available from the data page. Published in Journal of Productivity Analysis.

Derivation of the Hicks Elasticity of Substitution from the Input Distance Function
December 2008. The data and RATS program used in the paper are available from the data page. There is also an SSRN version of this paper. Published in Economics Letters.

A Meta-Analysis of Contingent Valuation Studies in Coastal and Near-Shore Marine Ecosystems
November 2008. With Shuang Liu. Also appeared in CSIRO's SEED Working Paper Series

Firms' Environmental and Financial Performance: An Empirical Study
December 2007. With Ran Zhang. SSRN Link

China's Carbon Emissions 1971-2003
June 2007. With Chunbo Ma. Published in Energy Policy.

China's Changing Energy Intensity Trend: A Decomposition Analysis
December 2006. With Chunbo Ma. Published in Energy Economics.

The Effect of NAFTA on Energy and Environmental Efficiency in Mexico
November 2005. Published in the Policy Studies Journal

A Three-Layer Atmosphere-Ocean Time Series Model of Global Climate Change
July 2005. The data are available on the data site.

Reversal in the Trend of Global Anthropogenic Sulfur Emissions
May 2005. Published in Global Environmental Change. The data are available on the data site.

Diffusion of Emissions Abating Technology
September 2004. Published in Journal of Environment and Development.

Influential Publications in Environmental and Ecological Economics
July 2004. With Chunbo Ma. Published in Ecological Economics.

A Statistical Evaluation of Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Models: Complexity vs. Simplicity
May 2004. With Robert Kaufmann.

Energy and Economic Growth
March 2004. With Cutler Cleveland. Published in the Encyclopedia of Energy.

Influential Publications in Ecological Economics: A Citation Analysis
March 2004. Published in Ecological Economics.

A Multicointegration Model of Global Climate Change
March 2004. The data used in this paper are available on the data site. Published in Computational Statistics and Data Analysis.

Global Sulfur Emissions in the 1990s
November 2003. Published in Chemosphere.

The Rise and Fall of the Environmental Kuznets Curve
October 2003. Published in World Development.

Residential Energy Demand in Australia: An Application of Dynamic OLS
2001. With Muhammed Akmal.

Global Sulfur Emissions in the 1990s
2001. Published in Chemosphere.

The Structure of Australian Residential Energy Demand
2001. With Muhammed Akmal.

Attributing Changes in Global Sulfur Emissions
1999. Published in Ecological Economics.

The Environmental Kuznets Curve: Implications of Non-Stationarity
1999. With Roger Perman. Published in Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

Is there an Environmental Kuznets Curve for Sulfur?
1998. With Tony Auld, Mick Common, and Kali Sanyal. Published in Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.

A Multivariate Cointegration Analysis of the Role of Energy in the U.S. Macroeconomy
1998. Published in Energy Economics.

Is there a Global Warming Signal in Hemispheric Temperature Series?
1997. With Robert Kaufmann. Published in Climatic Change.

Time Series Properties of Global Climate Variables: Detection and Attribution of Climate Change
1997. With Robert Kaufmann.

Progress on Environmental Kuznets Curves?
1996. Published in Environment and Development Economics.

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